Classic Parts

When you select Porsche Classic Genuine Parts for your Classic Porsche, you are ensuring that your Porsche is going to deliver the most pure driving experience while maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability. Porsche Classic AG has built and continually expands a modern, high-tech warehouse outside Stuttgart to house and supply some 52,000 Porsche Classic Genuine Parts. These parts are highlighted in the quarterly "Originale" Catalog, available exclusively from your local Porsche Classic Partner.
Porsche maintains a Catalog of 52,000 Porsche Classic Genuine Parts from over 1,000 original suppliers. These parts are available exclusively from Porsche Classic Partners like Gaudin Porsche. When you choose Porsche Classic Genuine Parts you enjoy the security of knowing your Parts are warrantied for two years; and when you have those parts installed by a Porsche Certified Technician the installation is also warrantied for two years
Porsche Classic Genuine Parts Catalog

To help you find genuine parts for your classic car, we offer a catalog for Porsche Classic Genuine Parts (status: 2010). 

This covers all the Classic models, but does not take into consideration redesigned, interpreted, and discontinued Porsche Classic Genuine Parts. Your Porsche Classic Partner or Porsche Center will be able to advise you on these.